Made with flexible materials

Theonlysoccer goal in the world with a soft shell

Most goals are made of a one piece hard material, usually a metal pipe.

SafeGoals are built as multi-layered structures that soften impacts.

This helps to reduce or prevent serious injuries.

Soccer field
Soccer field

Innovations in safety

Your safety is our number one goal

Soccer goals have been made of the same materials for years causing numerous injuries. It is time to rethink the soccer goal.

SafeGoal Regulations
Patented SafeGoal system keeps standard ball bounce and meets all official regulations made by FIFA, US FUTSAL, NFHS, and FNCAA. SafeGoal meets all ASTM regualtions.

The soft shell

Our patented design

The biggest safety innovation in soccer

Soccer field

Innovative design

Made in the USA

Typical goals are made of basic round and hard materials. We created a new goal post that reduces injuries and looks great!


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