You can find SafeGoals already installed across the country. Find out why so many Athletic Directors have already chosen SafeGoal.

Why SafeGoal?

Steve Musso Director of Student Wellness and Athletics at Skaneateles High School.

Skaneateles School District NY has taken six deliveries of SafeGoal soccer goals.

Why SafeGoal?

Darren Wynne the Director of Operations at Pinnacle Athletic Center in Victor, NY

  • 4 sets Junior size with wheels (8 goals)
  • 1 set Full size with wheels (2 goals)
  • 2 set Futsal (4 goals)

Why SafeGoal?

4 reasons why Maroneck High School chose SafeGoal.

Why SafeGoal?

Ossining High School got two sets of portable full-size safe soccer goals in February 2020, but they had been waiting for fields renovation which was finished last month. Two sets were installed on Friday, September 18th, the very next day after we were called for set-up. Safegoals are a good fit for these brand new fields with safety surface. Ossining High Athletic Deparment does a great job to provide students and community with safe conditions to play sports!

Why SafeGoal?

Tina Queen, AD from Reginald F. Lewis High is happy with her new safe soccer goal. She gave us brief interview to share what does she think about SAFEGOAL. The goal now are: - athletic director approved; - mom approved; - grandmom approved!

Why SafeGoal?

good news! +1 safe soccer field in the US! We have just installed another set of full-size portable soccer goals on Riggin Memorial Field in East Rutherford, NJ. Thanks to Department of Public Works of Boro of East Rutherford for choosing safegoals for the community.

Why SafeGoal?

Watch how high school students test new safegoals and what Matt Gionta, athletic director from Phoenixville Area School District, thinks about his new goals.

Why SafeGoal?

Safety is the paramount! - Feedback from Roosevelt UFSD Athletic Director

Why SafeGoal?

That is why Westlake high school chose SAFEGOAL. Built-in counterweight makes the goal immovable in stationary position and tipping over risk comes to naught.

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